Our Projects

Gender Equality Project II

(2012 – 2013)

Target Group; 

Students, families and psychological consultants.

Project’s Targets

  •  Analysis of existing social and cultural values and attitudes that are the foundation of gender discrimination or level of gender equity in the daily environment of children by means of a research to be carried out with fathers and mothers.
  • Find out how families gender stereotypes can be change positively.
  • Develop an innovative seminary training  tool (short film) for teachers to work with families about gender equality.
  • Encouraging teachers, to promote gender equality in children’s lives by means of dissemination of the games which are the outcomes of Learning Gender Equality Project.

Project’s Outcomes

  • Reporting the qualitative research presenting social gender perceptions and experiences of children between the ages of 7 -15.
  • Developing two separate educational games for the children between the ages of 7-9 and 10-15 for the purpose of developing gender awareness and can be implemented in the schools.
  • Seminary packet and animation film for families.