Crystal sashes for wedding/ Satin Bridal Sash Wedding Belt for Bride
1-This Wedding dress sash is made with crystal rhinestones and clear seed beads on soft double sided satin, angle cut and sealed at the ends to prevent fraying. Ties in a bow in the back. This sash is stunning and perfect for your Wedding day!
2-Stunning wedding / bridal sash applique with high quality crystal rhinestones, Pearl, beads, rhinestones and beads are all hand sewn .

About this bridal crystal sash?
Q'ty : 1 pcs
Sash total length :Satin ribbon will be 3 yards long so you can cutting to the length you want .
Rhinestone Sizes :45cmx5cm(17.7x2inches)
Materials: Silver beads/pearls and A+ grade clear/Gold/AB rhinestones

Kindly Attention Shipping
Normally send out with China EMS/Epocket with 7-15days .
If need faster or top urgent , Just convoy me for adding Shipping Cost difference with DHL in 3-6 days .

We will be listing more of our beautiful items in the near future. Please email us if you are interested in more of our designs.
Welcome to our store ,we will ship out all order within 3 days,and it will take 4-7days send to your home,thank you

発送国日本平均配送日数7~14 営業日
材料/素材商品説明ShinyShine Black Crystal sashes for wedding Black Wedding Bridal Belt womens bridal sash (Color: Black)

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