I'm afraid that you regard the size as Euro Size and US Size.please do not follow system size chart !!!
if you want make a very correct choice you should choose by the size chart at the Second image !!!

Welcome ^_^Please look at the size and color carefully before you buy

>available: S・ M・ L・ XL・2XL・3XL

>ASIA SIZE Waist / Hip/ Length
S: 65-67cm/ 91-94cm/ 98-100cm
M: 70-72cm/ 97-99cm/ 99-101cm
L: 76-80cm/ 103-107cm/ 100-102cm
XL: 84-88cm/ 110-116cm/ 101-103cm
2XL: 86-92cm/ 116-120cm/ 102-104cm
3XL: 90-96cm/ 120-126cm/ 103-105cm
More surprises・ please enter the store
Thank you I wish you a happy shopping

1 Please Contact us in time if you have any problem About the product・We can help you solve most of the troubles・then give you Good service.
2 If you are not satisfied with the product that exists damaged or you did not receive the product and so on・ you can immediately apply for a refund・ we will return your money.
The item we sell are in Asian size ・ This jacket is 2-3 size smaller than euro size!!!
so we suggest if you what make a correct choice you should choose by size chart
the size chart is at the last image ・ please take care

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