100% Brand New Material : Cotton Blended Package Includes:1pc Womens/Ladys pant (You can choose the color you like :)) Colour: 7 colors (as picture) Item numbers : Purple: 651417 ï¼?51418ï¼?51419ï¼?51420 Black: 651421ï¼?51422ï¼?51423ï¼?51424ï¼?White: 651425ï¼?51426ï¼?51427ï¼?51428ï¼?Grey : 651429ï¼?51430ï¼?51431ï¼?51432 Red: 651433ï¼?51434ï¼?51435ï¼?51436 Hot Pink: 651437ï¼?51438ï¼?51439ï¼?51440 Dark Gray: 651441ï¼?51442ï¼?51443ï¼?51444 Size Approximately : these size is about Asian Size ï¼?you can decide your size by US size . Elastic Size Whole Length Waist M 96cm/38.5'' 60cm/25'' L 98cm/39.5'' 62cm/26'' XL 100cm/40.5'' 63cm/27'' XXL 103cm/41.5'' 66cm/28'' (Unit:2.54 cm=1 inch ) 1~2cm discrepancy is allowedï¼?thank you for your kind understanding!!!
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